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When your garage door remote control is broken, it may be due to many different reasons that it is hard for any non-professional to find the exact problem. Whatever has caused your remote to malfunction; our professional technicians can diagnose and repair it quickly and affordably on the spot.

How Garage Door Openers Work

Your garage opens and closes using radio waves or, more recently, using Bluetooth commands. Much like tuning into a radio station, your remote control’s receiver and transmitter both need to be tuned to the same frequency. Each door has its own specific frequency and they are often even programmed with a rolling code signal that changes every time you press the button. That’s why your remote won’t open and close your neighbor’s garage, even if you press the button from the end of your street.

Common Problems With Remote Controls

There are many problems that could cause your remote control to stop working properly. Your remote is essentially a miniature computer that sends signals and the inner workings are complicated. The reason your opener may be broken could be because of:

  • Mismatched frequency settings;
  • Water damage;
  • Wear and tear;
  • Broken wires or circuits;
  • Damage from a fall;
  • A faulty or drained battery.

Call our professional technicians and we’ll not only be able to diagnose the problem in a heartbeat, we can fix almost any remote control problems on the spot!

Fixing The Receiver

While the remote transmitter is usually the focus of opener problems, it’s often the receiver that is actually damaged. Your receiver could be malfunctioning for any number of reasons, from water damage to dust particles blocking the sensors or because of the internal electronics. Whatever the cause, we highly recommend you don’t try to fix it yourself. Trying to investigate or fix the receiver yourself could cause a short circuit, electric shock or could even break the door springs if they are old or rusted. Our professional technicians will make sure your opener is working safely and smoothly in no time!

In addition, count on us for:

Track Replacement & Repair

Torsion Spring Adjustment

Remote Opener Clicker Replacement

Part Replacement & Repair


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